I have worked in the human resources field for 12 years, including 8 years in managerial positions. I am a supporter of part-time work for mums and people who need it. My goal is to help make the Czech Republic one of the top 4 best places in the EU for part time roles. I love working with people and I cannot imagine working elsewhere. It’s a wonderful feeling when you see people on their path to progress, and it’s the best feedback you can get.

I do courses a little differently: fun, interactive, playful, not boring with lots of theory, but mainly I focus on real problems from real life. Finally, there is always a relaxing activity to let participants learn how to relax and live here and now for a while.

The main topics of training are

  • verbal, nonverbal communication
  • assertive communication and its use in tense situations
  • typology of personalities and how to deal with them
  • teamwork
  • conflict solving
  • employee engagement and employee motivation
  • successful delegation
  • employee evaluation – providing feedback to subordinates and superiors
  • effective conduct of meetings
  • emotional intelligence EQ
  • crticical thinking
  • time management
  • work under stress
  • relaxation techniques, etc.

My clients include